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Proactive Solutions Program - Proactive Maintenance for Your Network

ConnectIT networks’ Preventative Maintenance Program reduces the downtime of your vital network resources with network performance monitoring and a rigorous preventative maintenance program. Through our monitoring system, our technicians collect and analyze performance and event data that to maintain your systems and attain the highest level of network availability. Preventative maintenance is performed on-site and remotely, saving valuable time and money for you.


• Availability monitoring

• Performance and predictive failure monitoring

• Scheduled onsite technician time for preventative maintenance

• Scheduled and as-required remote maintenance

• Best-practices maintenance checklists

• 1 hour of reactive technical support per month

• Monthly reporting on network health

• Quarterly IT Consulting


• Predictable IT spending through equalized monthly payments

• Increased uptime

• Minimal disruption through scheduled on-site and remote support

• Discounted block rates for additional service appointments


An IT Partner, not just a Provider

Choosing ConnectIT Networks as your IT partner the will free up your time to focus on your business and eliminate time spent by your employees on making calls to get support help and waiting for a technician to respond. The Proactive care program is a preventative maintenance program designed to minimize network downtime through regularly scheduled maintenance.


With this program, we can reduce the potential amount of network failures by having technicians look after your network and work on potential problems BEFORE they affect your productivity.


ConnectIT Networks Proactive Support & Monitoring program addresses your IT needs by:


• Detecting and resolving issues before they happen

• Remotely resolving issues to reduce billing time

• Providing scheduled on-site and remote preventative maintenance on your network to ensure it is operating as efficiently as possible.

Preventative Maintenance Services

Availability, Performance and Predictive Failure Monitoring to ensure your key business resources such as servers, desktop, applications, and many other devices and services are functioning optimally and efficiently

Backup System Monitoring to check that your system backups occur as scheduled and your important business data is backed up properly

Virus Protection Monitoring and Maintenance to ensure that your antivirus programs are functioning properly and updates to your system are being received and deployed to PCs and servers properly

Patch Level Management to keep Windows servers and other devices on your network up to date with the latest security and service patches

Email Performance Monitoring to monitor all the essential elements of your MS exchange server to ensure the highest level of reliability and optimization

Scheduled onsite technician time for proactive and preventative server maintenance

Proactive remote maintenance and support to provide quick response in the background to avoid interfering with the productivity of your business

Network Health Assessment to determine the overall stability of your network

IT Consulting Services to help you rationalize your IT spending, enabling you to make more informed business decisions – it’s the CIO expertise without the CIO price tag!

Comprehensive reporting to continually inform you about the current health of your network and to outline the work performed

Priority Response when unforeseen emergency issues do arise you move to the front of the service queue

Server & Network Monitoring

Availability, Performance & Predictive Failure Monitoring

Major Devices Covered

Servers, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Security Devices

CPU, Disk, Message Usage


Event Logs


Services (Processes) monitoring


Backup Monitoring


Anti-virus Activity & Definition File Updates


Firewall Availability Monitoring


Patch Management for Server, Firewall and Routers


Patch Management for Workstations, Desktops and Laptops


Anti-virus management


Microsoft Windows Event Log Monitoring


Windows Server Monitoring: Exchange, SQL, Terminal Services, IIS


Network Printer Monitoring


Reporting Monthly


Desktop Monitoring


Preventative Maintenance (Remote / On-Site)*


Reactive Support 1 hour / month*


Network Health Assessment available


CIO Consulting sessions


Remote response

2 hour response

On-site response

4 hour response

* Any work completed over and above included hours will be billed and invoiced separately or deducted from your pre-paid service time