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Remote Monitoring Package

Uninterrupted access to E-mail, spreadsheets, word processing documents, and other software applications on your network is a critical need in your day-to-day business. In today’s competitive environment, network downtime can result in a decline in employee productivity, customer dissatisfaction and lost sales. Furthermore, a network security breach due to unavailable or inadequate network safeguards or outdated antivirus and spam filtering may lead to slower networks, or worse yet, loss of significant client and company information.


A partnership with ConnectIT Networks, Inc. can help increase your company’s productivity by monitoring the efficiency of your computer network.  We are a leading provider of IT services dedicated to supporting the information technology and networking needs of small and medium size businesses,


ConnectIT Networks’ Remote Monitoring Program can address your IT needs by:

• Constantly monitoring the availability of your critical network and desktop devices and services.

• Keeping track of storage utilization and overall “up time” of your systems.

• Remotely diagnosing network or desktop issues from our Network Operation Center.


The Remote Monitoring Program will immediately notify you of any network issues that may arise before they escalate in severity, and will alert you when critical network devices or services become unavailable. We will either schedule an appointment for service, or you can prearrange for one of our technicians to automatically begin the remediation process, thus minimizing the impact to your network.


Why Choose ConnectIT Networks as Your Information Technology Partner?

You stay focused on your core business:

We monitor your network so you can spend more time focusing on revenue-generating opportunities.


We monitor the availability of your network:

We watch the overall integrity and availability of your network by keeping an eye on your firewall, antivirus and general network security services to ensure that they stay working.


We monitor the success of your daily backups:

We monitor your data backup jobs to ensure that they are completed as scheduled.


Increased Productivity:

We can help reduce the impact of network failures by shortening the time between detecting and resolving problems, all because of our continuous attention to your network.


Cost Savings:

24x7x365 monitoring provides visibility into your network, which allows us to rapidly determine the root cause of network issues. This reduces the timely task of issue diagnosis and results in substantial cost savings for you.


Access to IT Expertise and Experience:

Our staff has a wide range of experience with IT consulting, installation and training in the public and private sector. Our technicians have certifications for Microsoft, Cisco and other established vendors.


Remote Monitoring Features:

  • 24x7 Monitoring ensures that all your critical devices and applications within your business network are functioning reliably and efficiently.
  • Backup System Monitoring ensures that the successful backup of important business and client data occurs as scheduled, protecting you from devastating loss or damage.
  • Internet Connectivity Assessment provides you with peace of mind that your ISP or ASP is meeting and delivering its stated availability guarantees.
  • Firewall Monitoring detects security events and hacker activity to verify that your firewall is protecting you from unauthorized access.
  • Virus Protection Monitoring ensures that your antivirus programs are functioning and that antivirus updates are successfully deployed to your PC’s and servers.
  • Asset Monitoring of network components assists you with IT asset management and planning.
  • Usage Monitoring keeps track of storage capacity, CPU usage and other critical elements to check on the capacity of your system.
  • Comprehensive Reporting provides unparalleled insight into the health and status of your critical network and desktop devices.
  • Priority Response over non-contractual customers when issues arise.
  • Discounted Block Rates are available for further cost savings when compared to standard time and material rates.

Server, Network & Desktop Monitoring

24x7 Monitoring

CPU, Disk & Memory Usage


Event Logs


Services (Processes)


Backup Monitoring


ISP Availability


Anti-Virus Activity & Update Monitoring


Firewall/Router Monitoring


Windows Server Monitoring: Exchange, SQL, IIS


Network Device/Asset Monitoring


Workstation/Desktop Monitoring


Reactive Support Available*


Discounted Support Time*


Comprehensive Reporting


Remote response time

6 hour response

On-site response time

8 hour response

*Any work completed over and above included hours will be billed and invoiced separately or deducted from your pre-paid service time